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Are You Ready for the Upcoming Missouri Waterfowl Hunting Season?While we all enjoy a break after the Missouri waterfowl hunting season is over, we also need to realize that our skills will diminish if they are not practiced. Just like any other sportsman, we must fine tune our skills and improve them every off season to ensure we have a better season the next time around. We have put together a few tips that should keep you sharp as well as providing you some offseason fun.

The Dirty Work of the Offseason

  •  Gun Maintenance – imagine seeing your first specklebelly goose of the hunting season, or of your career for that matter, and the gun misfiring when you have him dead in your sites. After a long season, the gun needs to be shown some love. Break it down, clean it, oil it, and put it back together again. If you have never broken down and cleaned your weapon, ask one of your buddies or stop by the shop where you purchased it. Heck, you can probably even find a video on YouTube to help you!
  •  Decoys – imagine how you would look if you were laying around in muddy marsh for a few months. Give those decoys a bath and have them looking fresh and new for the upcoming season. It should not take too long. Just line them up and spray them off with the hose. DO NOT use any type of soap because it can alter the finish of the decoy. Dry them by towel or let them sit out in the yard and you can use them to train that new pup of yours!
  • Mechanical Gear – if it has a moving part, you will want to check it to make sure it is in good working condition. Be it a pump, motor, or some other mechanical device you use during the season, give it a once over and a tune up to make sure it does not ruin your first day of waterfowl hunting in Missouri.

Missouri Waterfowl Hunting Tune Ups for the New Season

  • Shooting – this is a learned skill and one that must be practiced all the time. Shooting still targets may help you hone in those sites, but it will not do much for your ability to hit a moving duck. See if there is a local skeet club around and practice once a month shooting at actual moving targets. If not, you may want to invest in a skeet or clay pigeon thrower. This will also help you keep your mount sharp. You will be amazed how much better you are, especially early in the season.
  •  Your Dog – your dog is just like you, he or she needs practice to get better. Practice drills allow you to have some offseason fun with your pup as well as honing his or her retrieval and endurance skills. We have plenty of tips for drills on here for you to use. You can also find them readily on YouTube.
  • Scouting – as the summer winds down and fall approaches, you will get a better idea of the better hunting spots in your area. If you are local, take the time to go out and scout them prior to the season. It will prevent a lot of wasted time trying to find the best spots once the season opens.
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