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Where Does the White Fronted Goose Spend the Winter?Changes to farming practices and crops from rice to sugarcane have driven the white fronted goose aka the specklebelly goose to South East Missouri during the wintertime. In the past, you’d find this type of goose in eastern Texas or western Louisiana  during the cold-weather months! Today, prime hunting ground can be found farther north in SE Missouri, which signals a shift to the north and east.

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Discover Some Fascinating Facts about Mid-continent Snow GeeseIf you’re a hunter and you’re interested in bagging some mid-continent snow geese, you’ll find that our quick guide offers a lot of interesting facts about this specific type of waterfowl. We’re here to share information about what snow geese are, how they migrate and where to find them. Once you’ve absorbed these facts, you’ll be ready to plan a snow goose hunt of your own.

What are Snow Geese, Anyway?

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How to Force Fetch Your Hunting DogProper Force Fetch Technique That Deliver Results:

Also known as force-breaking, force fetch is almost universally seen as one of the most difficult stages a duck hunting enthusiast will face when training a good retriever. It’s not just amateurs that have trouble either. Even experienced hunters that have successfully trained many dogs can find the process frustrating. However, it’s important to understand that “difficult” does not equal “impossible”. Here we’ll take a closer… Continue reading

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