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Never hunted Missouri spring snow geese? It's time for a change of heart!You may have hunted small game or birds before, but if you’ve never been on a Missouri spring snow goose hunting trip before, then it’s time to rethink it! Unlike any other hunt you may have experienced, the sight of the spring snow goose migration itself can be a life changing experience. When one sees a blanket of white cover the skies, stretching for mile upon mile above, and as one witnesses a… Continue reading

Post Hunting Season Considerations For Dogs and Hunters!When the Missouri goose hunting season draws to an end, many dog owners decide it’s time to sit back and relax. They feel that after a good harvesting season, it might be nice to rest and unwind – until next season. Well, just because the season is over, you shouldn’t stop working with your dog. That way, come next season, you both will be ahead of the game!

Like any skill, practicing the… Continue reading

Snow Goose Hunts... Not Just for Men AnymoreYou did not read that wrong, more and more women are heading out to get their boots dirty, so to speak. Look at any hunting group and you are now just as likely to see a woman shouldering a shotgun and joining in on a snow goose hunt as you are. And before you shake your head, guess what… We need these women out there hunting because hunter numbers have been falling across… Continue reading

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