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Blind Concealment for Better Goose HuntingIf you want to decoy geese, you are going to need to learn how to conceal your blind. Waterfowl are very smart and if they see something out of place during an approach, they are very likely to avoid the area. Therefore, if you are using a blind, you need to learn the best ways to conceal it in a variety of settings. If you are the reason geese are avoiding the area,… Continue reading

Introducing Your waterfowl Hunting Dog to GunfireRemember the first time you surprisingly heard gunfire? In all likelihood, it startled you. Now imagine being a dog that cannot really understand the thought you are trying to convey and then all of a sudden hearing a very loud bang in his very sensitive ears. Probably not a very pleasant experience, right? This is why you need to introduce your waterfowl hunting dog to gunfire very slowly and carefully.

What to Avoid… Continue reading

Best Specklebelly Goose Hunting Tips – Hunt in the Mississippi FlywayThe majority of hunters refer to the white fronted goose as the ‘specklebelly’, perhaps it depicts the large, barring often found on the breast of full-grown adult birds. The white-fronted goose is medium-sized and weighs between 4 and 6 pounds. Moreover, they are very agile. When you hunt these birds, they do not fall from the sky similar to the Canadian geese. Instead, they fall from the sky in a zigzagging manner. Also,… Continue reading

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