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A Step by Step Guide to Snow Goose HuntsEven for professional waterfowl hunting guides, going after light geese is a challenge as these birds are much more sensitive to the environment and are not easily lured by even the most realistic-looking decoys and calls.    However, brushing up on your skills and doing some research and analysis can definitely prove to be a wise decision and will reward you with good dividends.

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Duck Decoys - Decoying with motion!Successful DUCK HUNTING is all about simulating real-life movements using spread and decoy strategies. The best motion duck decoy will help bring that realism to your spread. The question that most hunters have however is which decoys will work, and what to avoid. Here are a few pointers on what makes the best motion duck decoy:


MOTION: Without a doubt, realistic motion is one of the key element that goes… Continue reading

Duck Hunting Etiquette Tips for the First Time HunterDuck hunting is growing in popularity, which means there are more and more first time hunters slinging shotguns every season. Unfortunately, not all of them have taken the time to learn duck hunting etiquette. The last thing you want to do is upset a man or woman holding a loaded shotgun! In order to make everyone’s next (or first) hunting trip more enjoyable, we have put together some duck hunting etiquette tips to… Continue reading

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