Waterfowl Recipes

While you cleaning your geese after a long season’s spring snow goose hunts there is always some breast meat that gets a little to much shot to be used as slab meat. So try the recipe out for size this one is ideal for those summer cook out and kid will love um even those that dislike wild game table fair won’t be able to eat enough of them.

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If ever you find you’re self in a position to hunt Sandhill cranes you will have found your self hunting one of the best tasting bird there is. This long legged wading bird looks as if was a Blue Heron but don’t be fooled this is no fish eater. This astounding bird that stands over three feet in height and has a wing span of over six feet eats grain from the same… Continue reading

A few years back while on some snow goose hunts in Canada I was lucky enough to have been befriended by a farmer and his family. As luck would have it they invited our hunting party to dinner on Saturday evening which was perfect as there is not hunting on Sunday in Saskatchewan. We asked what we should bring and as normal for the farmers of the region they told us nothing so… Continue reading

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