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Discover Some Fascinating Facts about Mid-continent Snow GeeseIf you’re a hunter and you’re interested in bagging some mid-continent snow geese, you’ll find that our quick guide offers a lot of interesting facts about this specific type of waterfowl. We’re here to share information about what snow geese are, how they migrate and where to find them. Once you’ve absorbed these facts, you’ll be ready to plan a snow goose hunt of your own.

What are Snow Geese, Anyway?

Snow Geese are sociable birds who breed within Arctic Canada, as well as in Greenland! They are known for their snow-white plumage,  which is accented by a touch of black on their tips of their wings!  There are two color phases the snow and the blue phase and are one species, the snow goose. They are referred to by the scientific name, Chen caerulescens, and their population is currently on the rise. The average mass of snow geese is 4.53 pounds and they grow to an average length of 27.5 inches .

How Do They Migrate?

The best time to plan a snow goose hunt is definitely near the end of winter. This is the time when these geese are moving northward in order to access their breeding ground. At present, there are actually too many of these birds and this is why Snow Goose hunting fans that choose the right hunting grounds, such as the mid-continent location, South East Missouri, offers excellent opportunities to bag quite a few birds.

Currently, there is a Snow Goose population of over seven million. This is why hunters don’t need to feel guilty about choosing Snow Geese as targets. If their population is not kept in check, these birds, which migrate through a trio of countries, including the USA, may damage tundra eco-systems, by using up too many natural resources as they feed.

The risk of damage to eco-system is why hunting limits for Snow Geese were increased. Conservation experts who want to protect the fragile tundra  know that too many Snow Geese present problems and they’ve allowed hunters to use unplugged shot guns, longer hunting hours and the use of electronic calls that mimic the live birds calling to bag more geese in order to decrease the mid-continent Snow Goose population.

Why Hunt in Missouri?

This is a prime feeding ground for Snow Geese. The region features a lot of rice fields which definitely attract the interest of wintering and migrating Snow Geese! If you want the ultimate hunting experience, you just can’t do better than South East Missouri and your best option may be signing on for a guided hunt. When you do, an experienced guide will go along with you and your group and give you expert advice on what size shot will be most effective. As well, he or she will grant you access to exclusive wetlands and croplands, which are not accessible to the general public. Lastly, a guided hunt will be easier, as your guide will have duck blinds or goose pits and decoys set up in advance, in the most strategic locations!

You deserve to get away from it all and planning a Snow Goose Hunting trip would be the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors, challenge yourself and escape from the pressures of modern life. So, why not book a guided Snow Goose hunt in South East Missouri today?

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