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Duck hunting clubs in MissouriMissouri’s greatest public duck hunting can be found on 15 well-managed wetland regions within the state. For generations, most areas are well-know to duck hunters. Most duck hunting areas are well-equipped with flooded corn and millet pools, as well as electric well to ensure enough water supply during  the season. Duck hunting season begins when they are migrating in the fall. There is a difference in the start of the season between the regions, with the northern region within the state starting earlier than the middle and southern region. The teal season typically runs for two weeks in the middle of September. North Duck Season where the Golden Triangle duck club is located starts on the last weekend of October for a 60-day season, usually until the end of December. Middle Zone begins the first weekend of November through January. South Zone starts late November through late January.

The flyway has a long and distinguished duck hunting history going all the back to the days of market duck hunting. Many things have changed but a lot have stayed the same. One example of this change is the south-eastern  Missouri was a rural crisscross of hard wood forests, and cypress sloughs. Today’s South East Missouri is abundant with agricultural rice fields ideally suited for Missouri duck hunting. Duck hunting clubs in Missouri have been running successful guided duck hunts in the boot heel of Missouri for decades already, probably one of the longest in the industry.

Duck hunting in Missouri is better because of the large area of the Lower Missouri River Basin covering more than half of Missouri. All of the duck hunting clubs managed wetlands exist within Missouri’s sub-basins. There are a number of other duck hunting clubs out there that collectively develop a large area of duck attracting food plots attractive to ducks. A well-known  advantage showed by the layover of migratory birds on most seasons.

Opportunities are overflowing with flooded crop fields, huge well-managed moist soil marshes. Oxbow sloughs, and dry fields to name a few. From the thorough management approach implemented, to the ability to keep water open when things are freezing, duck club staff cut no corners or expense in providing the hunt of a life time.

In Missouri, the clubs are very committed to lease quality properties, vigorously oversee the opportunities, and provide the finest equipment for the best experience throughout the season. Most members are given access to each of the properties managed by the duck hunting clubs. The members are also given the chance to decide what and where they prefer to hunt. Duck hunting areas are usually reserved before to be able to manage the area better and to ensure the safety of everyone.

Duck hunting clubs in Missouri normally work extended hours before the season commences to be able to manage the area secured for hunting. They typically do planting, building blinds, brushing blinds, and preparation of decoys. All the preparations made before the duck hunting season will all be worthwhile once the season begins.

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