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Effects Of Rice Farming on Duck Hunting in SE Missouri Are you planning a Missouri duck hunting trip? Are you wondering what are the best locations and areas where you can find large flocks of ducks massed together? If yes, then rice fields in Missouri should be your top preference. Did you know rice fields help support a majority of the nation’s ducks? Read further to find out why. Professional and experienced hunters have long recognized the importance and the association of rice farming to migrating and wintering ducks.

Rice Farming and South East Missouri Duck Hunting

1. Food Availability for Birds
The fundamental reason why the introduction of rice farming has taken off duck hunting in south east Missouri is that rice fields are a fundamental source of food for birds migrating during the winter. Harvested rice fields contain waste grain and other variety of waterfowl foods including weed seeds that grow with rice in the same fields. Furthermore, in flooded rice fields, ducks find invertebrates and insects that are a great source of protein. This protein intake contributes to the growth of new feathers and also increases their breeding potential.

2. Great Habitat and Shelter
Conservation groups have partnered with rice farmers in the US to preserve and enhance migratory duck habitats including rice fields. The rice growing regions in Mississippi and Missouri are great wintering grounds for thousands of ducks and geese. Migratory birds fly every year along the flyway and find shelter in rice fields. This offers numerous duck hunting opportunities for hunters to bag ducks and enjoy Missouri duck hunting to the fullest.

3. Replaced the Natural Marshes and Also the Swamplands
Rice farming is encouraged as the flooded rice fields have not just helped farmers reduce the effects of erosion through rain and wind, but these have also replaced the swamplands and natural marshes that originally hosted the migrating birds that  later were drained for logging. It’s no coincidence that migrating ducks are usually found in the lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, a primary rice-growing region accounting for a heavy rice production in Missouri.

South East – Perfect for Missouri Duck Hunting
South east, Missouri is a great waterfowl migration area and perfect for duck hunts. This area was once a low land hardwood forested area. However, today it is recognized as Missouri’s southern rice farming region. You can find many large flock of ducks and enjoy great hunting opportunities. The perfect time to enjoy duck hunting in the rice agricultural fields of south east Missouri is in December and January.

Guided Missouri Duck Hunts
If you want to really enjoy your duck hunting expedition in Missouri and successfully bag a good number of ducks, then it’s advisable to sign up with a reliable and renowned Missouri outfitter. You can find several duck hunt guides in Missouri. These are run by professional hunters with a wealth of experience in duck hunting.

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