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We are very pleased to have the opportunity to share with you some our hunting articles, waterfowl recipes and our hunting tips & tricks. We have had the privilege to have written and published many of our articles on some of the internets finest waterfowl forums, blogs and article websites.

We hope that you find these Missouri hunting observations, goose hunting tips and waterfowl recipes as enjoyable as we have found them pleasurable to compose. If you have a favorite duck and goose recipe or a special waterfowl hunting tip you would wish to share, please feel free to submit it to us for review and possible addition to our pages.

SNOW GOOSE KOBOB RECIPEAfter a successful snow goose hunting season were always on the lookout for new and good ways to cook our snow geese, and of course, we are happy to share our favorite snow goose recipes.

Before we get started let just go over meat preparation, after you have breasted out your geese it is very important to remove all the blood, feathers and shot.   One of the best ways to… Continue reading

Hunting Snow Geese – Your Complete ChecklistLooking to do some  Snow Geese Hunting this spring? Here is a simple checklist that will magnify your chances of getting more birds and return with a hearty limit fit for a king! Ready? Here we go:

The Time
Spring time, mid-migration with sunny, clear skies and southern winds is the ideal time to catch those migratory young birds that are less inexperienced and educated in terms of decoy tactics… Continue reading

Smoked Specklebelly Goose RecipeYou might not have every tried this one but smoked Specklebelly goose is very good if done correctly.   When think about smoking a goose, a low temperature, slow roasting is just what a goose needs to let the fat drain without it turning dry and over cooked. It also helps to make the meat tender and flavorful.   The advantages of smoking a White-Fronted over other geese are it is… Continue reading

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