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Missouri–The Perfect Place for Duck HuntingIf you want to experience ‘the real thrill of shooting migratory birds’ in large flocks then it’s time to leave  your sanctuary and fly to Missouri before the duck hunting season kick starts this year.  Missouri is one of the best destinations for duck hunting in the US. From wetlands in the north and middle zones to abundant and large agricultural rice fields, south east Missouri duck and goose hunting offers a variety of locations and large acres of land to hunt ducks. In addition to this, you’ll be amazed to look at the fantastic and large variety of migratory birds here like puddle ducks including Wood Duck, Gadwall, Pintail and Widgeon. Diver ducks include Red head, Ring-Necked, Canvasback and Scaup.

Popular Missouri Duck Hunting Locations

The Lower Mississippi River Valley in Missouri
The Mississippi flyway, also known as the ‘bird migration route’, is composed of different states including Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Alabama, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Missouri and the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. The Mississippi flyway is a wide stretch more than 2,300 miles long with a magnificent watershed of more than 1.5 million square miles.

The bird migration route forms a narrow channel near the lower Mississippi river valley in Missouri. This route is known as the bird migration route because over 14 million ducks pass through this channel giving duck hunters outstanding hunting opportunities. This route is the most heavily used migration channel for not just waterfowls, but other kinds of birds too. The species of ducks that are abundant in the Mississippi Flyway are Mallards, Wood ducks and Green Winged Teal.

The confluence floodplain in Missouri’s St. Charles and Lincoln counties near the lower Mississippi river valley is home to more than 200 duck clubs. These duck hunting clubs in Missouri provide large acres of lands to both non-residents and resident hunters to enjoy this adventurous activity.

The Mississippi Flyway serves as an ideal location for waterfowl hunting because of the low elevations and water collection.
Millions of acres of land are conserved in the US portion of the Mississippi Flyway to protect the natural ecosystem and other wildlife in the surroundings. With excessive breeding of ducks, biological scientists believe that this would damage the ecosystem severely. Therefore, duck hunting is encouraged along the Mississippi Flyway.

Western Missouri Duck Hunting
Duck hunting is primarily done in western Missouri. This is the region where the Central lowlands, also known as the Lower Missouri River Basin, extend to the west. The combination of corn and wheat fields and farm ponds that cover several acres of surface water makes it a great place to shoot and bag a variety of duck species. Goose hunting can be equally as good in this area of sprawling wheat and corn farming region.

Get Ready To get some Ducks
So, now that you have learned about some of the popular destinations for Missouri duck hunting, it’s time for some action.
Gear up, get ready and make ducks quack!



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