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On many occasions we have seen hunters have last minute shopping sprees for items that they should have had and not always ending on the up side. With out selecting the proper spring snow goose¬†hunting wear a mishap or weather change can turn what should have been a wonderful once in a life time adventure in to a disastrous trip you can’t wait to get home from. We’ll try and go over some items that need to be put on every snow goose hunts check list.

We all know if you are going on a self guided spring snow goose hunt you will need to bring your own blinds, calls and decoys. But you need to keep in mind When, Where and How these three elements will dictate what type blinds, the type and quantity of snow goose decoys and lastly the method of convening your equipment to and from the hunting area. If on the other hand you are planning to participate in a guided spring snow goose hunt all of those issues have already been dealt with by your goose hunting guide service.

Whether you are going to guide your self or not other item you will need are just as important to the success and enjoyment of your goose hunting trip. One of the first and most important items in your must have check list is good fitting insulated waterproof boots; with out this item you are doomed from the beginning on the same line would be plenty of warm socks and if space permits a good electric boot drier. I can tell you as a guide if your feet hurt or are wet and cold you will in no certain terms be having any fun on a long, wet and cold hunt no matter how well the birds are decoying.

Your next item is just as important a good quality waterproof parka and bibs and pants. A good quality insulated hunting parka is worth its weight in gold on those cold spring mornings and doubly so if it wet or raining. I know your asking your self why pants and bibs? Well Bibs are great if and when the tempters dip down as they inevitable do on those what we all thought would have been perfect spring hunting season days, and the waterproof pants are always welcome when that perfect day does appear. Remember to ask, but most hotels and motels have a laundry room and I recommend using them as warm clean hunting gear is always a plus.

Another item seldom over looked but never enough packed items are gloves you really can never have enough of these gems. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different types and styles, insulated and not and waterproof or not, these all have there place but as a guide I personally prefer insinuated plain brown or black jersey gloves to hunt in, they are cheap and if wet no loss just grab another pair and can bought in packs so you can have two or three pair in your blind bag.

Next item would be hats or caps, again many on the market but keep in mind you will be hunting spring weather in a nut shell that means one minute crisp and cool the next freezing rain or snow. I would recommend at least two a watch cap style or even better an insulated ball cap style this will help keep you warm and at the same time help cover your face from incoming birds. The other style I like to keep on hand is the boonie style waterproof hat that can easily be stored in your blind bag for convenience. Now this style hat is not much for warmth but in a snow or freezing rain storm can make a world of difference on how you feel and help keep you in the field that much longer.

I know these are not your typical rock star hunting items like you favorite snow goose call, your wind speed and temperature gauge or your camera but with out these critical items you could be caught out in the cold. Remember in the late February many of these items will most likely be in low supply unlike in December not to mention when out snow goose hunting in some areas your lucky there happens to be a Wal-Mart in your area. So make a list and check it twice for comfort and possibly to save your spring snow goose hunting adventure.

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