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Status of the Snow Goose Population and Why Hunting it is critical!Do you love to participate in challenging activities? If yes, then give Missouri snow goose hunting a shot! This activity is gaining massive popularity with time. Hunters from all over the US fly to Missouri to get in on the action. It’s fun, thrilling and exciting.
If this it will be your first time, here’s some are some valuable insights on snow geese and why Missouri happens to be the hot spot for this entertaining activity.

Snow Geese Overpopulation- How it All Began?
In the early 1900’s snow goose hunting was  prohibited because the population of this specie was very low. However, since the mid 1970’s due to the excessive breeding of snow goose the population of the bird that was once known as an endangered species has now exceeded way over 7 million which is over a 300% increase and become one of the most abundant species of waterfowl worldwide.

Due to the excessive and unmanageable population of snow geese, in the year 2000 the wildlife service passed a conservation order with liberal hunting rules and limits. It legalized spring hunting in many areas of North America including Missouri allowing hunters to shoot unlimited numbers  light snow geese to control the overpopulation.

Missouri Snow Goose Hunting
The massive surge in snow geese population is alarming especially for Missouri wildlife managers. Hunters are encouraged to come to Missouri as this place happens to be one of the best spring migration staging areas for snow geese. From wetlands to marshes and crop fields, these are all found in abundant in Missouri and are ideal places for snow geese. These migratory birds fly every year along the Mississippi flyway and find refuge in such places.

Another reason why Missouri snow goose hunting is critical is that over the years there has been a significant increase in agricultural especially rice farming in south east Missouri. The waste grains and weed seeds found in the rice fields are a good source of food for these migratory birds during the winter which compels them to fly here and roost in large flocks.

If the breeding of snow geese continues at the same pace, this is likely to cause severe ecological damage to the current habitats as snow geese have a plant based diet.  And in reaction to this, Missouri snow goose hunting is now being encouraged and promoted.

So, if you want to find large flocks of snow geese massed together and have a great time hunting birds, then Missouri is the place to be!

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