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Tips for Missouri Waterfowl huntingHunting can be tiring when you are out in the fields all day looking for a kill. However, when you have friends or family for company, it can actually be a very enjoyable thing to do. It is customary for a lot of families to get together at least once a year and go on a hunt for whatever kind of waterfowl that is abundant in the area. Enjoying being in the midst of nature with close friends and family around can be a happy time worth remembering even after decades. If you want to have an exceptional time with the special people in your life, a south east Missouri duck and goose hunt can be a great idea. Waterfowl hunting can be fun, exhilarating and totally enjoyable for everyone. Here’s what you need to know before getting started.

Where should you go hunting?
Most duck and goose hunting is planned near wetlands. You can choose a flooded field or a marsh. A lot of farmers pump water into fields from which a portion of the crop has been harvested so birds like ducks and geese will come and feed. These can be perfect for your hunting. If there’s a ditch near such a field, you can hide there with your party. A flooded field offers other advantages as well. If hunting from Creek or ditch, you don’t need a boat for retrieving the waterfowl that you harvest. The banks of rivers and sand bars are other places where you can find waterfowl to hunt. Cattails can block the bird’s view of you and making it possible for you to set up and decoy waterfowl.  A boat can be helpful if you are waterfowl hunting in this way.

What kind of gun is the best for waterfowl hunting?
The truth is that it depends on you what kind of gun or even what shell size you are going to use. There are many kinds of guns and shell sizes available in the market. Another thing you must keep in mind is the regulations while Missouri waterfowl hunting. Keep to the regulations and use steel shot. 12-gauge pump-action shotguns are a good idea for any kind of waterfowl hunting as they tend not to jam unlike some semi automatic shot guns can do.  3’’ and 3 ½ ‘’ shell sizes are the most common choices. Choose one that you can handle and, which suits your gun and hunting situation.

Clothes: What is the best option?
Choosing your clothes wisely makes a lot of difference while waterfowl hunting. However, if you are using a boat for hunting waterfowl on a river, wearing full waders is still a good idea but remember to remove your shoulder straps, just in case you fall in so you can easily get out of them if they fill with water allowing you to stay afloat.  Camouflaged clothing is a must while duck or goose hunting as they can see colors, and it is an excellent idea to camouflage your face. Waterproof boots which are insulated are a good idea all the times since they will keep you warm and dry.

How to call?
Missouri Waterfowl hunting does not mean that you have to be a championship caller. Get your calling basics straight and you will be fine.  If your new to the duck and goose hunting use your call sparingly and avoid over calling with a lot of volume and repeatedly until you have learned to read the birds. With a few basic waterfowl sounds in your arsenal, getting ducks and geese to respond to your calling while hunting will not be a problem at all.

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