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 Tips for your Spring Snow Goose hunting AdventureSpring snow goose hunting is a lot of fun for people who enjoy hunting. If you are new to this sport and have never tried it out, spring snow goose hunts are a good start. If you are already an experienced hunter and love to hunting, then all you need is a little help on how to set up your hunt. Yes, that’s right! Here are few tips that will help you in your Missouri snow goose hunting this coming year.

1. Use electronic callers: Though most hunters are accustom to using mouth calls when hunting snow geese, experts agree that using e-callers reproduce the volume and the sounds of many more geese than a group of hunters can mimic.  It is also a good idea to use mouth calls along with the e-caller. The geese will hear the calls and pick up on them. It is almost certain that they will decoy nearer to you, and then you can shoot them at a much closer range.

2. Setting your decoys: When geese are feeding in a field of soybeans or corn, they tend to work from the center of the field out. When scouting for your spring snow goose hunting trip pay close attention to the waterfowl you find in the field and try to set your decoys in the same manor.  You will notice that in colder weather, the birds will group much closer together and in warmer weather, they will open up and congregate in family groups.  Keep this in mind while on your Missouri hunting trip. When a flock of geese which is flying high see the natural-looking decoys spread, they will immediately think that a flock is already there and is safely feeding.

3. Camouflaging: If you want to be successful while Missouri snow goose hunting, it is important that you camouflage. The truth is that waterfowl can see hunters from the sky very easily because exposed face and hands always gives the game away. It is thus a good idea to keep the face and hands camouflaged while hunting. If you are the caller, you cannot help being exposed. However, the other hunters on your goose hunting trip should conceal themselves as much as possible. Camouflage gloves are good for covering up the hands, and you can use head nets and face paint to cover the face area. Furthermore, it is important that no one other than the shot caller looks up at all until it is just time to shoot.

4. Figuring your lead: It is common when hunters go on a spring snow goose hunting trip they try to figure how much to lead the birds and which chock to use.  A quick rule of thumb most experienced goose hunters use a mid range choke tube and lead your bird more with heavy winds.  If you do concentrate too much on getting your lead right, then you will probably miss the shot.    Instead, it is a better idea to let your instinct decide how much lead you need.  With so many snow geese decoying at once focus on the shot on one single bird and when you see that bird going down move to the next if you just shot into the flock you will miss more than hit.

Missouri snow goose hunting can be a lot of fun if you get it right!

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