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Where Does the White Fronted Goose Spend the Winter?Changes to farming practices and crops from rice to sugarcane have driven the white fronted goose aka the specklebelly goose to South East Missouri during the wintertime. In the past, you’d find this type of goose in eastern Texas or western Louisiana  during the cold-weather months! Today, prime hunting ground can be found farther north in SE Missouri, which signals a shift to the north and east.

We’re here to share more information about this pivotal change, as well as the bird itself and how to plan the perfect hunt for the white fronted goose.

Why Do Geese Love SE Missouri?

Geese of all type gravitate towards this area during the winter because it offers the perfect habitat. White fronted geese are able to feed in the region’s rice fields following their southward migration. They take advantage of what the area has to offer during the cold-weather months and then head back north in the spring.

Rice production has risen in the area in recent years and the increased number of rice crops is the key reason why these types of geese gravitate towards SE Missouri during winter. This part of Missouri offers abundant food for white fronted geese. For this reason, hunters who wish to bag a lot of geese love hunting in the area. It is definitely one of the world’s premier locales for waterfowl hunting in the wintertime!

As well, increase in the season length due to a higher number of geese in the area, so it’s possible for hunters to take quite a bounty home with them after their waterfowl hunts. Hunters organize their own waterfowl hunting trips or choose to sign on for guided goose hunts.

If you want more from a hunting trip in the region, choosing a guided hunt may be the key to unlocking the spectacular results that you’ve been looking for. We’ll talk more about the benefits of a guided goose hunt a bit later. Right now, we’d like to share some fun facts about the white fronted goose.

Learn About the White Fronted Goose

The White Fronted Goose features a comparatively large population and it is indigenous to certain regions and countries, including the Nunavut-to-Siberia tundra, many parts of Russia and Greenland.

This breed has a very large population. However, it’s quite rare in North America, except in the region west of the Mississippi. White fronted geese appear in great numbers, due to this American area’s plethora of wetlands and croplands.

Adult birds are of medium size and have gray-brown bodies. They have white bills at the base of the bill only, as well as white foreheads. Their rest of their bills are pink to orange in tone. They have black mottle patterns on their belly which vary from goose to goose. Younger White Fronted Geese don’t have white foreheads and the black mottling is not apparent on their bellies. Their bills are light pink and they have yellow-orange legs.

Is a Guided Hunt Right for You?

Guided white front goose hunts which are accessed via the best provider companies allow hunters to enjoy better experiences and to access superior results. One of the key advantages of choosing a guided specklebelly goose hunt is that you’ll gain access to private hunting grounds which attract plenty of these birds! Hunts are held in the fall and wintertime, when these types of geese flock to SE Missouri. A guide will offer expert advice and companionship to one hunter or a group. Usually no more than five hunters may come along. A hunting dog may also be permitted.

These hunts feature savvy guides and the best setup, such as steel pits in the fields and quality spreads of decoys.

A guided hunt is definitely more affordable than you might think, so why not plan one today?


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