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5 Great Reasons to Go on a Specklebelly Goose Hunting Trip in SE MissouriSpecklebelly Goose hunting is a great way to enjoy the perfect blend of excitement and relaxation as you take in the beauty of Southeast Missouri’s scenic countryside and wetlands. However, you’ll need to choose your SE Missouri locale with care in order to increase your chances of bagging your limit of these geese.

This means discovering the region’s prime hunting grounds. A guided hunt may be a great option, as it will provide you with access to prime hunting grounds which might otherwise be off-limits.

Guided Specklebelly Goose hunts within Southeast Missouri should be conducted from late Fall until near the end of January and these are popular choices with hunters of varying skills levels. Of course, you may also go out and hunt on your own…

5.) You’ll Access an Abundance of Geese
SE Missouri is great place to hunt for White-Fronted Geese and Ducks, the main reason why this is the case is that there is an abundance of these birds in the area during the mid to late fall months.

December and January are optimal times to hunt for these geese, as forty percent of these birds (numbering in the tens of thousands!) do make their way through the area’s “flyway” during winter. Waterfowl love SE Missouri because of its many rice fields and temperate weather, which make for perfect feeding and wintering grounds.

4.) These are “Trophy” Birds
Hunters love going after Specklebelly Geese! This impressive, “trophy” waterfowl weigh between four to six pounds and the mature geese have black barred patterns on their breasts. As well, these geese have white patches at the end of their bill and on their feathers on their forehead just before the bill begins.  Since they are so beautiful, they are prized by hunters worldwide…

3.) You’ll Enjoy a “Duck Hunting” Experience
Hunting these birds is really more like duck hunting than snow goose hunting. This is because Specklebellies are very responsive to calls and decoy placements. Canada Geese glide towards the earth, while “Specklebellies” seem to “careen” towards land. Most hunters find that “Specks” have a wilder attitude and some hunters find that hunting them is more stimulating than hunting Canada Geese. “Specks” are a challenge!

  2.) You’ll Love Their “Laughter”
These geese are fun to hunt because they are so responsive to calling. The sounds that come from Specklebellies are very similar to the sounds of human laughter in the distance. In addition to these high-pitched “laughs”, these wonderful geese do a bit of clucking and a two note “yodeling” call.

  1.) Relax and Unwind
Modern life is so tech-driven and hectic. It keeps us busy but doesn’t always allow us to connect with nature. Getting outdoors, breathing fresh air and enjoying the beauty of nature and God’s creatures via a guided Specklebelly goose hunt will be a great way to relax and unwind. It’s the key to re-charging your batteries and having a unique experience that is totally memorable.

Of course, you can still use your smart phone or other high-tech mobile device in order to take photos of the Specks that you bag! You’re definitely going to want to show off your results to family and friends!

Now that you know some great reasons to go on a goose hunting trip in Southeast Missouri, why not plan a hunt this  waterfowl hunting season?

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