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A Hunting Guide: Don't Leave Home Without OneA gun, a dog, clothing appropriate for the climate, decoys, and quality hunting guides are all essential tools for the hunter. When duck hunting, a guide is as important as the gun. Most hunters take the time to research the prey, the best gun for the hunt, the proper ammo, the most effective decoys and calls, and when to hunt, but many forget the value of a good Missouri hunting guide service.

There are guides who specialize in specific types of hunting, or there are those that work in a certain geographic area. Each type has specific qualities that will be essential to making your hunt a successful hunt. Finding the right guide when hunting waterfowl might be as simple as checking with other hunters. Searching for guides in the state or region you want to hunt may also help you find the right person for you.

If you are hunting a new area you may not be familiar with the lay of the land or the most fertile hunting grounds. A guide can direct the hunt for the most success. A good guide will know the best path into and out of the hunting area. They will also know where to find the prey when you are there. Their familiarity with the land will make the hunt safer and more productive.

A guided hunt also provides for better planning. A guide will give direction about what to bring and what equipment is best for the area and the prey. When duck hunting the guide may be able to direct you toward the best calls to use and will supply you with the best decoys, and blinds to use on your hunt. Many guides will provide a list of recommended equipment to bring on the hunt. For those hunters who do not have the needed equipment the guide will also be able to direct them to a supplier in the area.

Hunting without the services of a good duck hunting guide can be like hunting blind. Even when hunting areas within your own state a guide may prove beneficial as they will have all of the equipment needed for a particular type of hunt. A guide can help you find the best time to hunt and will have the equipment that is best suited for the specific area and prey. Ducks from different areas look alike but they have many different habits and feeding preferences. A guide that knows the area well will know the habits of the waterfowl in that area and be able to guide you to the most successful hunt.

A guided duck hunt can be a great experience for a new hunter or one who has been hunting for decades. When the time is devoted to hunting, instead of searching for the best equipment, finding the ducks, and hiking into the hunting site, the overall experience is much more enjoyable. Many guides have scouted the area before the hunt to ensure plenty of birds to make the hunt worthwhile. They may have even set decoys and worked the area for a time before the scheduled hunt to make sure the trip will be a success.

Don’t forget the essentials when planning a hunting trip. A Missouri hunting guide should be at the top of the list. A good guide knows where to find the waterfowl, when to hunt them, and what equipment is necessary for a successful hunt. A guided hunt is the best way to ensure a safe and enjoyable hunting experience.

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