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Best Duck Hunting Decoy StrategiesHere are some of the best and proven duck decoy strategies that stand the test of time and remain undisputed in south east Missouri duck and Goose hunting fields:

Strategy #1- Choose your Hunting Area Wisely
If you want to attract the waterfowl and hit the bull’s-eye, you have to work smart. Always choose your hunting area according to the direction of the wind possibly the upwind side of the marsh. This is because waterfowl like to land into the wind. Make sure your hunting blind is also placed according to the wind direction. This will make it easier for you to shoot the ducks as they attempt to land in front of you.

Strategy # 2- Use Realistic Looking Duck Decoys
Believe it or not waterfowl can easily spot duck hunting decoys. Therefore, make sure you use natural-looking duck decoys with very little glare or shine in your spread. When the waterfowl sees the real natural looking, ducks flocked together in your decoy setup, they will come down to investigate, this will give you a good chance to decoy them into shooting range.

Strategy # 3- Add Motion to Your Decoy Setup
A spread lacking of motion gives off an unnatural feeling to waterfowl. To ensure your Missouri duck hunting trip is a success, add motion to your spread. By using, a combination of battery-powered swimming and spinning wing duck decoys that mimic ducks landing and swimming around you can increase your success rate.

Join a Missouri Duck Hunting Club
By joining a Missouri duck hunting club you will gain access to some very excellent hunting grounds. This is also where you can practice the above discussed strategies, bag your share of waterfowl and meet other like minded sportsmen.

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