Waterfowl Recipes

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Syrup Sausage Stuffed Roosted Specklebelly Goose RecipeHere is a nice little specklebelly goose recipe to try after you have bagged all your trophy specks that you’re going to get mounted.  Just in case you had not realized, not only is the White Fronted goose a real trophy bird they are also one of the best geese for table fair.  But before I give you the recipe I need to tell you how to debone your… Continue reading

Snow Goose Pinwheel Appetizer RecipeLooking for that something different with a little kick to start dinner off with? Well give this appetizer a try; you may just love this dish. Taco flavored snow goose with onions and tomatoes infused with spicy cumin and chili seasoning topped with guacamole.
Here is what you’re going to need to get started:

  • sheet puff pastry (defrost prior to cooking)
  •  1 cup freshly ground snow goose meat
  •  1/2 cup diced… Continue reading

SNOW GOOSE KOBOB RECIPEAfter a successful snow goose hunting season were always on the lookout for new and good ways to cook our snow geese, and of course, we are happy to share our favorite snow goose recipes.

Before we get started let just go over meat preparation, after you have breasted out your geese it is very important to remove all the blood, feathers and shot.   One of the best ways to… Continue reading

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