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Snow Goose Hunting Popularity: Why it is More than a InfatuationIf you love challenging yourself occasionally, then you should give Missouri snow goose hunting a try. This widely popular activity has gained a massive following with hunters flying in from all over the US to Missouri to get a piece of the action. It is not only thrilling but also fun and exciting at the same time.

For individuals who love action-filled activities, hunting snow geese is a battle between their own skills as outdoorsmen and flying geese. Have you ever wondered why and how someone would spend endless hours assembling decoys, waiting for the geese, monitor and chase these birds? Well, try taking part in a hunting trip and you will find out the reason. It is about passion and witnessing one of nature’s most astonishing sights. In any case, nothing in the world can match up to watching the thousands of flying birds together as they make a beeline for the breeding grounds. If you want to experience the exhilaration, it is important you understand why Missouri is the place to be.

How and Where it all Began
The scene, early 1900’s, goose hunting was a prohibited activity since species’ population was low. By mid 1970’s, snow goose excessive breeding led to their population growing by over 300% (about 7 million birds) making them the most abundant waterfowl species worldwide.

The population became unmanageable and in 2000, the wildlife service passed the conservation order with tolerant hunting limits and rules. This legalized spring hunting in many parts of North America including Missouri in the Mississippi Flyway. This was done in an effort to control the overpopulation by granting hunters the right to shoot unlimited numbers of snow geese.

Problems Associated with Snow Geese Overpopulation
Managers and scientists across North America are of the same opinion that the populations of light geese have become so tremendous that their natural nesting habitats cannot sufficiently sustain them. In addition, the geese are slowly degrading their habitats and causing extensive agricultural damage on migration areas in Missouri. In other words, they are literary eating themselves out of home and house.

Since snow geese are colonial birds (they do everything in huge groups), they remove a tremendous amount of plant material. Once they land on breeding grounds, geese will use “grubbing”, a feeding behavior that involves probing their bills below ground surface turning soil over in search of high-energy tubers and roots. They strip feeding areas of all suitable eating plant material. The huge numbers of these birds remove more material than can be re-grown or re-generated before the next nesting season.

How to Enjoy Missouri Snow Goose Hunting
According to most professional spring snow goose hunting guides in order to get the maximum from snow goose hunting in Missouri you need to:
• Disguise yourself
• Set up decoys
• Learn how to make use of every opportunity and not flock shooting at the birds
• Learn why a guided hunt is important

When looking for a memorable hunt or just want to enjoy every aspect of the activity, it is crucial that you do not let your excitement come in the way of your focus. Prepare yourself and start the Missouri hunting season with a guided snow goose hunt conducted by the professionals.

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