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 Steps to Becoming a Missouri Waterfowl Hunting GuideThere’s a reason that some people are able to earn a living working as a Missouri duck hunting guide.  Not only do they know how to market themselves; they will often have the right connections in the hunting industry. They also have the patience required to observe and adapt to all kinds of things, so they can increase the chances of a successful hunt.

The first thing many who guide waterfowl  trips in Missouri will teach their hunters looking to join the fraternity will be that it’s best to spread the decoys out naturally mimicking flocks that were seen while scouting and to set up the blinds just outside of the landing zone inside the decoys.  The farther out into the open landing zone the greater the risk of being spotted by geese and ducks as, they decoy.   A larger looking decoy flock will also help convince the live waterfowl that they’ve found a safe place to land and feed normally.

Missouri waterfowl hunting guides will often tell you that a good dog will make all the difference in the world. If you have a dog that excels at waterfowl retrieving, you need to spend as much time as possible making sure they’re always in shape.  If you don’t have a dog that’s quite ready for the hunt, guiding clients is not the time for you to train your dog.

You need to have realistic expectations when waterfowl hunting in Missouri. You can’t expect to get your limit every single time you go out.  While no one wants to hear that, you must always be up front and honest, no one regularly gets their limit.   On those days when you don’t see any birds, take a deep breath and remind yourself that at least you’re in the outdoors enjoying nature instead of back in the office. When you have the right mindset, you’ll find hunting, even on the days when you don’t see anything, to be the greatest sport in the world.

Always have multiple calls on hand and for different species. The waterfowl hunting guide who excels at guiding will tell you that you can’t predict how many birds you’re going to see or depending on what is in season, which species you may run across.   You want to be sure that you’re calls are in top working order, increasing the odds of your clients will be going home with some ducks or geese.

Before you set out on the hunt, you need to know and communicate the rules to your hunters, especially the rules about what times of the day you’re allowed to hunt, how many birds you can shoot (remember that different types of birds have different limits), and where you’re allowed to hunt waterfowl in Missouri.

Before going out on the hunt, spend some time going over shot gun safety with all the hunters. No one should even think about hunting until you’ve gone over the rules and safety issues. If you don’t have time to go over safety concerns, you don’t have time to go on a hunt.  Being a proficient shooter, knowing when to shoot and at which birds to shoot will not only make it better for you but the others on the hunt.   A waterfowl hunting guide who follows these simple steps will have safe, productive quality hunts that his clients will appreciate and enjoy.


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